Presentations in Org


I can use epresent to make simple presentations out of org mode files.

User’s guide. As it is only a few lines long, I reproduce it here.


Just install epresent from melpa repository.


  1. Call epresent-run on an org-buffer.
  2. press t / 1 to view the top level of the presentation navigate the presentation with n/f, p/b
  3. scroll with k and l
  4. use c and C to navigate between code blocks, e to edit them, x to make it run, and s / S to toggle their visibility quit with q
    1. It is necessary to set org-confirm-babel-evaluate~ to nil, maybe as a file local variable, so that x evaluates the code without asking.


  1. It may be useful to set the local variable org-confirm-babel-evaluate in order to evaluate code interactively without having to confirm in another window, which may be confusing. Use code as:

    # Local Variables:
    # org-confirm-babel-evaluate: nil
    # End:

    at the end of the file.

  2. However, you might have to confirm in another window the use of local variables when starting and finishing the presentation.
  3. Images may be included.
Written on March 7, 2024